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  • dogcowabunga
    Sep 6, 07:14 PM
    The most important insight from all of these 'rumors' is that Apple MUST have something more to discuss on Tuesday than simply the release of the Movie Store.

    If the last big event like this is any clue, Apple will announce the updated iPod Hi-Fi 2. Now in your choice of SIX pretty colors!

    Plus a leather case for the Apple Remote.

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  • Zic
    Oct 23, 06:06 PM
    I know you will see that I've never posted before, so anything I say will probably be taken with a grain of salt. I don't blame you for not believing me, every Tuesday I am let down with all of you. If I am lying you can ban me from this forum, for whatever it's worth, I promise what I'm telling you is the truth. I see you guys are as antsy as I am about this update.

    I know a person that works at an Apple Store as an inventory control specialist - I asked him back in July to tell me before hand if he knew when the Merom MacBook Pro was coming out. Today I got a text message from him saying, "(dan's) laptop might be coming out tomorrow." However, he thinks it's only a 15''.

    Something is definitely planned to come out tomorrow. I know it's not concrete, but it gives me hope. I figured I would share.

    I'm hoping he is wrong about the 15'' thing, I wanted a 17''. Either way, I'll take what I can get. I've been waitng too long.

    Could he (your contact in the AS) have been anymore vague? Could it not simply be that he frequents the same websites we all do and noticed the increased MMBP chatter, or that his colleagues or perhaps the customers have brought the subject up. It doesn't take an "inventory control specialist" working in an Apple store to make that sort of prediction, these forums alone are proof of that.

    I'm not saying you're making it all up, it's just I would have thought someone in a position like that would be able to provide some substance to backup such claims.

    I, like the majority (and despite my scepticism), hope he's right though.

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  • quagmire
    Feb 22, 09:35 PM
    The vexing part of that is that the cost is largely artificial - i.e. taxes. Popular pickups like the Ford F-250 have been available in a diesel for years, and because they are trucks they are allowed to use diesel engines that are far more polluting and sooty than they need to be, and are tuned for torque rather than economy - meanwhile Volkswagen has to jump through flaming hoops in order to certify a diesel in its passenger cars, meeting stringent emmissions standards. And yet how many huge displacement V6/V8 diesel trucks are sold in the US each year vs diesel VWs? It's all about arbitrary regulatory nonsense.

    That has changed. The Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax now have to meet the stringent emissions regulations. Why do you think they cost $8K now compared to the $3-4K before the new emission laws?

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  • zac4mac
    Sep 6, 10:01 AM
    It may have been introduced then, but that wasn't the last time it was refreshed . See here which is actually on May 16th.

    Wrong, all they did then was drop the bottom config. Top speed is STILL 2.16GHz, as it was the day the 15"MBP started shipping in Feb. - I have a 2.0 that I received Feb28. The ONLY speed bump the MBP has gotten was before they started shipping.


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  • Silentwave
    Sep 6, 05:56 PM
    Really confused as to why they just didn't skip to Core2.

    probably supply reasons and cost reasons.

    if they bumped it to core 2, at least the base model would still have been core duo, the c2d one would have been more expensive, and i'm willing to bet we may see the 1.83 C2D in more than just the 17" imac soon.

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  • maverick808
    Oct 24, 06:12 AM
    UK store down too!

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 22, 10:32 AM
    So what are your thoughts? Should Apple have rejected the app?

    I don't think that apple should be in the business of approving apps.

    I think they should do their best to categorize them and create methods to protect certain age groups from accessing inappropriate apps.

    But otherwise get out of the business of approving 'this' while denying 'that'.

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  • kirky29
    Jun 22, 01:14 PM
    Maybe if they made it a bit like Front Row etc.
    .. But with the ability to have it in a window mode. :)

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  • georgerussos
    Sep 20, 04:13 PM
    Ah, I got a nice silicon one and a nice polycarbonate one, then I will wait for Griffins. I also got a Zagg Shield :) My iPod is going to be shiny as new!!

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  • sporadicMotion
    Jan 11, 10:15 PM
    My VW is away for the winter :)

    A new pic for '11


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  • smileyborg
    Apr 2, 07:02 PM
    I really like this ad. Maybe this will be the new direction of Apple's marketing?

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  • archer75
    May 3, 04:37 PM
    Well, you got what you wanted on the 2GB 6970m! At least as a BTO option.

    Yep, I am pleasantly surprised. I ordered one.

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  • MacNewsFix
    Apr 12, 11:18 PM
    Because Apple says "Tape is Dead" doesn't make it true...just like Blu-Ray isn't gone. So that begs the question--is there tape output support (machine interfacing, et al) for FCX?

    If you are talking HDCAM SR, the one factory where it was produced is located in Sendai and was destroyed in the recent tsunami. Nobody knows how soon the factory will be back up, but likely no time soon. 10 tapes were recently sold on Ebay for $5000. The general consensus is the recent tragedy will accelerate the death of tape.

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  • imac_japan
    Mar 18, 05:53 PM
    What people don't understand is that Apple is dying....
    Everyone is buying IBMs and if Apple doesn't do something then they are dead. I love my Macintoshes but Apple needs market share to grow !

    Apple needs customers, Apple needs to start thinking out of their little 5% market share. The Ipod was a good example but you can't keep on counting on people to buy it. For example, Apple had to make Safari due to Microsoft pulling out of the mac - this is just one example where Apple is starting to make software because companies are leaving the platform.

    We need a cheap Mac to bring in new Customers. Maybe its their first Mac experience.

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  • Shannighan
    Nov 27, 07:19 AM
    =] bought it on Tuesday, of course it had to rain on Wednesday so that's why it's all dirty >.>

    More pictures when it's clean :P

    I just bought a mazda 3 to on Monday, I love it, its fun to drive to.

    I too have a Mazda 3 (2010), it is a lot of fun to drive, except the pickup can be weird some times. I drove it down to Pittsburgh once and it was a lot of fun on the thruway.

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  • Torrijos
    Apr 19, 01:03 PM
    Sure iMacs have replaced desktop in a lot of creatives offices, but this might change with the adoption of Grand Central Dispatch and OpenCL by developers. Finally allowing the full use of a Mac Pro by those who need it (like with the next Final Cut X).

    What could be cool though would be that Apple allows a little bit of modularity in the iMac...

    Besides allowing for the user to upgrade the RAM, SSDs slot(s) could be available in the same opening so the user could add SDD themselves (with the same form factor as MBA's SSD).

    That alone would be an amazing upgrade for the iMac, allowing the clients to push back such an expensive upgrade without too much pressure, hell another trap door to give access to the hard drive.

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  • aafuss1
    Aug 6, 10:16 PM
    I predict next year's iWork '07-hasta la vista MS Works (it can use .doc). Apple should add Office XML spport in '07.
    Tiger-start your photocopiers, Redmond

    The Vista stab-good one.

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  • RebootD
    Apr 12, 10:08 PM
    Wow, looks pretty awesome. Nothing about improved typography though? Booooo.

    Or will there be a 'studio' anymore? Will motion and livetype just be part of the new FCX?

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  • Don Kosak
    May 2, 05:20 PM
    I wonder if this means MacOS will end up with iOS-style "multi-tasking."

    iOS style multitasking features (benefits) are indeed in Lion.

    Applications written for Lion can "suspend and resume" without having to "save and close" documents. The reason the little light below running apps on the Dock was removed is that "running" is now more of a decision between the App and OS -- not so much the user. (APP - "Am I idle right now? Can I resume from this point very quickly? If so, I'll just suspend myself till the user or an event wakes me back up. No need to burn RAM or CPU, the user won't even notice I'm not here.)

    There is no reason with modern computer architecture for humans to do memory management by getting involved with which programs are actually physically in memory/active. We have 7200rpm SATA3 or SSD drives, multicore processors with Gigahertz speeds, and Gigabytes of RAM...

    The way we interact with Multitasking in Windows 7 and OS X Snow Leopard is based on the hardware limitations imposed by 640K RAM, 4.7 Megahertz single core processor, and Floppy Disks. Apple took the first brave step away from that with iOS. It's good to see it moving forward in Lion.

    Mar 22, 12:06 PM
    Just don't expect the world to conform to your way of life...

    There is a big difference between "conforming to" and "tolerating and respecting."

    Nov 27, 02:35 PM
    Maybe they should drop the price of the 20" Cinema Display to something more reasonable, such as $499 - $699 is far too much. In the UK it is �529!

    I've seen 22" DVI Widescreen TFTs selling for under �300, often close to �200. $499 is probably too high still (even if it is a better standard of panel, and includes a Firewire hub) - maybe $399. Put the 17" up for ~$249 and aim it at Mac Mini purchasers (+iSight, -Firewire, 4 USB2 ports).

    Some would hold up that the type of panels used (see the dell 24 vs acd 23 artcile) in the cheaper monitors is different and that is what you pay for.

    Most people dont care that much though and do make the direct comparison. So price-wise the ACD looks to be a bad deal.

    Mar 24, 06:43 AM
    I do think if the Classic stays around, you will see two changes:

    1. It will switch from hard drive to SSD storage once SSD technology matures enough.

    2. It will get a larger and higher resolution display, but keep the Click Wheel interface in a slightly smaller version to accommodate the bigger screen.

    Don't be surprised we see a Classic with a larger screen and 192 GB of flash memory within two years.

    Oct 23, 12:25 PM
    No new updates until MWSF according to degadgetplus, macrumormongersco, macnewstodayfor, and my third cousin's online reseller friends at comp America, columbus university, and the Berlin college of fine arts.

    Also, depleted stocks at the macwarehouseeu doesn't mean that updates are imminent ... only that they're awaiting more shipments of current MBP's held up by Kim Jong Il's recent aluminum gadget fetish ...

    Apr 2, 07:41 PM
    Great ad! Glad to see something new from Apple.