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  • Turbojugend27
    Aug 7, 07:06 AM
    Pretty bold statement for Apple, I don't think I would use that quite yet. As for myself I am buying my first apple in a week or so and can't wait, I don't think Apple has a userbase yet to be making statements like that.

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  • vga4life
    Apr 3, 01:08 PM
    Cranking up the hype machine when the product is out of stock every where is classic Apple.


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  • chasemac
    Oct 24, 02:43 AM
    I'll spend my life waiting. So will you?:) Should be the new Apple slogan.:)

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  • Bertmg
    Mar 24, 10:47 AM
    I have way more than 50,000 songs, and even the worst of them is more necessary than your comment.

    Way too narrow minded to think that iPod is only used for music. It is a great place to back up movies and carry then around. not to mention it is an external hard drive!

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  • celticpride678
    Apr 3, 12:51 AM
    ??? My 25gb partition was clean and blank when I installed Lion DP 1 and I think that's the case for most others as well. I'm not sure where you heard that, if I'm understanding you correctly.

    It worked for me too on DP1. On DP2, I had to install Snow Leopard first.

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  • yg17
    Apr 10, 12:19 AM
    Yes I can drive one. I also think that if you can't drive one, you shouldn't be allowed to drive period. Automatics are just things to get you from point A to B, whereas a standard transmission car is something you use for fun, with getting from point A to B just being a side effect.


    I definitely think driving a manual makes me a safer, more attentive driver.

    I'm against crap that makes people lazy like adaptive cruise control, auto headlights and auto wipers and stuff like that, I suppose an automatic can fall in there too. That stuff makes drivers lazy and inattentive because they don't have to concentrate on the road.

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  • Jaro65
    Apr 3, 11:35 AM
    Really enjoyed the ad. The technology becomes transparent as it becomes more advanced.

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  • ImNoSuperMan
    Sep 6, 03:49 PM
    It may have been introduced then, but that wasn't the last time it was refreshed . See here (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/05/20060516092750.shtml) which is actually on May 16th.

    Well if you consider a minor speed bump as a refresh. In that case MBP was refreshed within 4 months of it`s launch and now it`s been 4 months since that refresh too. So MBP still is due for a refresh even if we go by your theory of refresh timings.

    I know the sept 12 event might only concentrate on Movie store and maybe a new iPod. But in case MBP is not redesigned I guess they`ll do a silent upgrade within a couple of weeks.

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  • iDAG
    Jan 11, 07:57 PM
    added a line to the article...

    "- It will be called the MacBook Air"


    Maybe it would be called the AirMac. That would be an interesting name instead of the MacBook Air.

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  • Tmelon
    Apr 3, 08:39 PM
    I have the same thing happens with my safari in full screen where you hover your mouse over the top and the menubar slide down it is a bug because it the bar serve no function right now -that definitely did happen in DP!
    Although Safari has not crashed yet where it crash several time a day in DP1

    Edit: I just was scrolling in full screen and Safari crashed for the first time since I used DP2

    I had that yesterday actually. It went away though.

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  • DeSnousa
    Apr 16, 11:24 PM
    We need a 6 digit thread :p

    I have in 2 weeks folded what took me nearly a year to do on my iBook G4. I should be at 100k soon which is very exciting for me. Who else is trying to achieve a 6 digit score :cool:

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  • Nuvi
    Apr 13, 01:52 AM
    I love the fact that Apple has adopted the iMovie UI for FCP X. That makes the transition from iMovie to FCP X that much easier

    You make your living editing film or video? Didn't think so...


    Too bad they didn't mention anything about rest of the FCS apps, nothing about volume licensing, other delivery methods then App Store, upgrade pricing from FCS.

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  • aznguyen316
    Sep 14, 10:40 PM
    The BB I got my Griffin case from also had a couple other griffin gloss ones of hard plastic in bright blue, black - although it was more smoke/gray, and I forget, one other color. You can check stock on bestbuy.com search for ipod 4th and it'll come up with a few cases and etc for it. then do check store inventory. good luck!

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  • Lollypop
    Aug 7, 04:48 AM
    Not too brag or anything :D but it works out great for us in UK. Get in from work 5.30pm / open a beer / macrumors / keynote 6pm / tears of joy / rob bank 9pm / buy mac pro :D

    South Africa here, leave work-> go to gym and work up a sweat -> macrumors -> have dinner during keynote -> go to bed and have sweet dreams about new iphone! :D :D Life is good! LOL

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  • twoodcc
    Feb 17, 03:22 PM
    No remote login?

    Well the Internet is terrible here. I do have MobileMe, but can't get it to work here. I don't have remote login on the windows boxes. But I know the Internet works there b/c my server is up

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  • ro2nie
    Jul 18, 10:55 AM
    Apple don't want to be left out of this online movie thing. They tried to convince the studios, but they couldnt, so I think they have no choice but to make it a rental service before it's too late

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  • Butthead
    Oct 23, 11:46 AM
    Unfortunately, the current MBP is restricted to about 3.2GB because of the 32bit CPU *AND* the 32bit i945 chipset. Intel won't have a 64bit mobile chipset until they ship Crestline (the i965 mobile chipset for Santa Rosa). So, unless Crestline is ready early and Apple has some sort of exclusive agreement, the updated MBP still will not allow anyone to use more than approximately 3.2GB of RAM.


    Arrgh, MR Administrator should now be boiling up a pot of linguine noodles for self-flagellation. ;P Then do the right thing and fold this thread back into the main MBP rumor thread...sheesh! Not another thread of people who have not read through the 3.6k posts in the main thread on the MBP, all this people rehashing the same stupid "it better have this, I want crestline, I hope, I hope upgraded GPU (not gonna happen, sorry), I want this upgrade and that...NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

    Look it's simple Apple couldn't get enough if the lower yield, highest speed Merom chips after they decided to use them in the iMac 1st (while all the PC manufacturers used Conroe for their desktops). meaning that Apple had to wait for Intel to supply them with enough chips to roll out the laptop Meroms, based on exactly the same Napa chipset/platform that the Yonah MBP's are based on. It's simply a minor speed bump by changing over to the 64bit Merom, with very few other upgrades that would constitute a 'silent' upgrade.---same as iMac, just later than iMac cause they couldn't get enough chips for both the iMac & MBP at the same time. End of story.

    Major upgrades or case redesign (for better cooling, which would require new motherboards) will not come until Santa Rosa chipset/platform becomes available NEXT year.


    But to repeat from that prior post link of a Sept 26th story:


    "Intel is still saying Santa Rosa will ship in H1 though it's expected to come late Q1/early Q2"

    No, Santa Rosa (which Crestline is a part of) will not be showing up miraculously early for Apple this year (or any other manufacturer) only via "exclusive" lol- the mighty Steve-O is all powerful, yet IBM & Freescale blew him off, dream on.

    GM965 official name for 'Crestline' mobile chip that comes with integrated Intel GPU (MB's will likely get this one too to the dismay of the MB hopeful; sorry Apple goes for the absolute cheapest solutions in the MB line, this is their history, remember the 1st iBooks that omitted the FW port, even though the MB had the FW support on it!). PM965 would be the one Apple will use for separate ATI or Nvidia GPU.

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  • Mr-Stabby
    Apr 12, 09:05 PM
    As seen on one of the pics, there is also a bottle of water on the stage. A Steve Jobs trademark :) Any chance he could turn up?

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  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 23, 11:04 PM
    64 bit has to do with memory addressing, not GUI speed. Someone posted they felt it unlikely Santa Rosa (Intel 64 bit memory support chips) would be released early. But doesn't Intel have a 64 bit memory addressing system similar to the ?965? now?

    64bit instructions can provide a speed boost for certain computationally-intense applications that are optimized for it. Think scientific / visualization type apps where high precision values are needed and when 64bit values are being used, suddenly on a 64bit platform with 64bit registers, the time for a multiplication operation can effectively be cut in half. That's very simplistic, but not all that far off. Over in PC Land, some 3D rendering softwares have 64bit to 128bit (Lightwave is 96bit) operation pipelines in place for their precision values. Their 64bit optimized versions are showing 15 to 35 % speed ups depending on the various task vs. the 32bit version of the software doing the same thing on a 32bit OS, so there is a boost...

    While you won't see the speed advantage in your Tiger or Leopard GUI, you'll notice it if you run any calculation-intense software that's optimized for the 64bit platform. So there's a bit more there than just being able to address more memory....

    If you don't need 3+ GB of portable memory NOW, you might as well wait till June 07 or buy whatever is available now and be really happy with it.

    I'm starting to feel like a broken record with this one... If you do need more than 3GB of RAM now, then you're out of luck. Intel is not shipping any mobile chipsets capable of addressing anything larger than a 32bit address window (4GB). Factoring in all the memory addresses used by system overhead, BIOS, video memory, etc..., you come up with just a fuzz over 3GB that you can actually address and use, even if you install a full 4GB. This won't change until they ship Crestline -- the updated mobile chipset (i965). The Desktop i965 series has already been shipping for a while now and that works with the desktop Core 2 Duo CPUs (Conroe).

    Apr 2, 07:21 PM
    I actually think this isn't apples best ad. I mean there is nothing wrong with it, but I usually expect more from apple.

    They better make another ipad 2 ad, because this is there only one

    Jul 20, 10:11 AM
    iPod sales GROWTH is slowing, but iPod sales are still speeding up.

    30% more than same quarter last year...

    Increasing. Not speeding up.

    Apr 20, 04:23 PM
    What argument? My main point is that I hate driving, and a manual transmission doesn't help me enjoy it any more than an automatic.

    That not all the manuals you've driven have been, bluntly, crap cars to begin with.

    Aug 16, 07:15 AM
    I hope to god they don't use bluetooth. I've had nothing but bad sound quality with those types of headphones.

    Mar 24, 01:59 PM
    Great news:D:D