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  • marksman
    Apr 25, 11:10 AM
    No, he said "the info circulating". "THE" info includes the info about the database.

    The question specifically asked about Apple tracking this person. That is the question he was answering.

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  • Popeye206
    Mar 28, 11:44 AM
    My problem isn't necessarily with Apple, my grief is with carriers who have tied most of us in to 2 year fixed contracts. Whether this is due to Apple's insistence, or whether carriers have signed up to the 'yearly cycle' idea, there are thousands of us stuck in the middle here.

    Any 3GS user who bought new and has a 2 year contract (usually because it was the most economical) now has a huge dilemma. Do we switch phones and get new contracts on different phones, or do we go Pay As You Go to cover those 3/4 (potentially more) months?

    Ultimately, if happens, I'll end up going for the new BlackBerry Bold Touch (Dakota), just because I don't want to be strung along for a few months, racking up minutes/text/data costs. It'll be sad, but ultimately, its just a phone I guess...


    Dude... your contract is only there to cover the subsidized cost of your phone. You don't have to sign a new contract to keep your pricing. Just let it go and all will be the same until you upgrade. There is no price changes because your contract is up.

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  • Jape
    Nov 3, 04:30 PM
    what a rip off, tomtom is a joke. sub par navigation app $99 and another $119 for their stupid car mount that does nothing but improve gps signal. they are r@ping many people.

    well i do agree with you that it is to expensive, but it does a little more than improve the gps. It also works as a hands free calling device with a speaker, charges your iphone, works with other gps apps, and plays your music through your car stereo.

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  • iGary
    Sep 11, 08:02 AM
    I told Rob about the event yesterday...

    "Great, all we need is another iPod." :rolleyes:

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  • Grokgod
    Aug 7, 08:29 PM
    well I called back and upped the ram to 2 gigs which is what i consider the base really.

    I just didnt want to go running around looking for ram to get to work.

    Crucial doesnt have anything for the MacPro yet and I was fooled by the strange new words and the "you will have heat problems if you buy other ram from other makers that dont have heat sinks!"

    What the??

    So I feel for it and bit another 300 offa my wallet.

    figure that with this base i can then search at a somewhat leisurely pace to get the other 4 gigs kits that will fit in the remaining slots.

    Please someone tell me it was a smart move?


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  • hotrock3
    Mar 30, 01:49 AM
    Well, the percentage of suicides is a lot smaller in Foxconn employees than in the US population.

    wired had an article about this a couple months back. The suicide rate at the Foxconn plant is lower than the suicide rate in the rest of the Chinese population (possibly lower even than in the US, I can't remember the article exactly).

    by mass rates you mean lower than the national average? :rolleyes:

    I'm glad that there are people out there who did the research to find out if it was really that bad compared to other places like I did.

    I hope you know that cell phones emit radiation.

    Although you are factually correct since a cell phone does emit non-ionizing radiation in the form of electromagnetic radiation, I think the original poster was implying that they had a distaste for ionizing radiation which is hazardous and does cause cancer in large enough doses.

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  • hulugu
    Apr 19, 01:29 AM
    I feel like I'm just repeating myself. I've already addressed that capital gains is not necessarily income.

    But, it can be income right? So, why does this *possible* income get such a different relationship? As citizenzen said, I'm willing to be convinced, I'm just not sure I buy that because capital gains can rise or fall based on vagaries such as inflation, that it remains fundamentally different than other forms of income.

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 2, 11:20 AM
    What time is the QT stream likely to be uploaded at Apple.com?

    BTW I know its not a live feed!

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  • MacSA
    Jul 22, 06:22 PM
    I'm with Multimedia i don't see why Apple would intentionally cripple the Macbook with yonah when they coast exactly the same and are just a drop in upgrade.

    But this is Apple we're talking about lol

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 10, 12:52 PM
    In regards to calculators and OSX spotlight

    With the immediate execution mode of operation each binary operation is executed as soon as the next operator is pressed, therefore the order of operations in a mathematical expression is not taken into account. Scientific calculators have buttons for brackets and these calculators can take order of operation in to account

    Different calculators follow different orders of operations. Most non-scientific calculators without a stack work left to right without any priority given to different operators

    while more sophisticated calculators will use a more standard priority

    Who said that this an equation? What is the variable that is unknown?

    2 is still winning!

    Well it is an equation as it is the same as as saying x=48/2(9+3)

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  • smulji
    Mar 30, 10:53 PM
    WOW. In my years of OS X development and beta releases, this is the first time I believe Apple has released a developer preview with little to no beta releases, and pushed right into a half arsed possible GM build without the numerous beta's for 10.X refinements. For developers and companies who have been accustomed to Apple pushing bi-weekly beta's as the GM release approaches. This may not bold well for developers and companies transitioning their products/applications in time and with little "bumps" in the road.

    This also makes me believe Apple has certainly, finally, officially drawn a line with regard to their main focus: iOS. It truly is about mobile devices for Cupertino, with iPhones and iPads and numerous iOS beta releases that have pushed OS X off center stage since Leopard. Gone are the excellent days of a dedicated LCD display line with three size variants, gone are the days when desktop PowerPC towers were affordable, and soon the professionals who spent thousands of dollars and hours investing in Mac products for their work will be pushed out the door for the general mass consumer. This is a sad sign for us, for those that supported a struggling yet profitable Apple dedicated to professionals, consumers, quality products and improved operating systems.

    That could be what Steve Jobs was alluding to when during the iPad 1 release in 2010 he said that Apple was the world's largest mobile devices company. Then later that same year during one of the financial conference calls Tim Cooke said people should refer to Apple as a mobile company. Just a theory.

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  • bigandy
    Nov 22, 06:48 AM
    That quote from Palm's CEO sounds like the mad ramblings of someone very worried their market share is about to plummet completely... :rolleyes:

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  • iMikeT
    Sep 11, 02:26 AM
    I hope that the free iPod nano educational deal is still in effect if new iPods are released this week.

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  • alcaponek
    Apr 21, 03:11 PM
    sry for OT but whats the deal with those up and down ranks? and where are they now :)

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  • Rot'nApple
    Mar 29, 04:41 PM
    It would be something if the brains at Apple could find a way to utilize and harness that high level of radiated water Japan has since trying to cool down the reactor cores and create some kind of supercharged liquid powered battery with a runtime describe in half-life versus 40 hours music and 7 hours video that the iPod Touch currently has... :eek:

    Japan get's rid of that juiced water and Apple's iPod Touch gets some high energy liquid juiced batteries. Of course, there's the issue of health... But Ives can redesign it using lead encasement instead of aluminum pronounced, Al - U - Men - Yum...

    Besides, by the time your doctor tells you of any health issues, you're deaf anyway form iPod earbud listening and you wouldn't hear the bad news. :rolleyes:

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  • HecubusPro
    Sep 16, 11:53 AM
    Congratulations! You have just provided a second independent source of unnatural delay proving Apple is already manufacturing Merom C2D MBPs and that 17" models will ship behind 15" models by a week Monday October 2.

    As long as they at least announce the 17" MBP C2D, I'll be happy, even if it isn't immediately available.

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  • chugg
    Apr 18, 03:30 PM
    Wow, an article about Apple suing someone, that has more negatives than positives?

    Thats probably a first.

    Give it some time and watch the positives skyrocket by the end of the day. If this were an article about Microsoft suing somebody, it'd be all negatives.

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  • baleensavage
    Aug 7, 01:56 PM
    All I can say is Apple better be coming out with a mid-range tower. Upping the baseline of the MacPro to $2500, what is that. Sure it looks like a sweet computer, but what about small businesses or starving artists who cant afford that. Now we're stuck with the all-in-ones.

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  • el-John-o
    Mar 28, 10:19 AM
    Let's not forget that pre-iPhone smart phones were updated every couple of years (hardware wise, maybe some aesthetic changes if anything.) We'd see a refresh at CES, then a couple years after CES it would suddenly be on the shelves, probably with the same CPU, maybe a bit more RAM and the next version of Palm OS / Windows Mobile (Remember those? LOL).

    Finally... bad move Apple? Really? You mean like, Apple should have decided to go back in time and prevent the earthquake and tsunami or something? Everyone is debating whether or not this is a "smart move" by Apple. If this is true, they don't have a choice! Supply constraints are supply constraints, there aren't other chip manufacturers without seriously sacrificing the iPhone's performance and reliability, and therefore it's reputation. For those of you unaware, this rumor, if true, is the result of a massive natural disaster that recently occurred in Japan, where a number of iPhone components come from! Yes they are assembled in China, but as the article stated, Chinese manufacturers aren't getting their parts from Japan like they usually do around this time.

    It's crazy, people are freaking out talking about abandoning iPhones altogether because heaven forbid anyone wait a couple more months for something! I mean, it's what you want, but instead of waiting you'll "settle" for something else? Am I the only one who sees that flaw in logic? Maybe I'm biased because I didn't plan on being an iPhone 5 customer (no upgrade for another year and a half, so I'll be an iPhone 6 buyer), but I still think this whole conversation is silly. Apple is releasing much faster than anyone else had in the past, maybe not now, but had in the past, and Japan is a little inconvenienced right now, just in case you haven't watched the news.

    Also, on Apple's hardware being outdated when it hit the shelves. It always had. I had a 1GHz phone when Apple released there 600 and something MHz iPhone (first gen). It finally hit near 1GHz (but not quite) with the iPhone 4, when there were ALREADY 1GHz phones out for a while (Droid Incredible, etc.) The software trumps the hardware, it's efficient enough it "feels" fast, that's why people buy iPhones, not because the hardware numbers are higher than on the competition.

    Mar 28, 10:24 AM
    Yes, precisely. Android and other handsets are moving to Tegra 2/Orion based platforms with maybe quad core SoCs coming in Fall '11 from nVidia. An A5 equipped iPhone shipping around September would be outdated the minute it hits the shelves as far as hardware is concerned.

    With Pocket Legends already reporting that gaming on Android is making them more money than on iOS and this delay in Apple's usual release schedule, it could mean that iOS gaming could lose out to Android and set the pace for future developments, just like what happened to Apple in the 80s with the rise of the PC.

    While I doubt we have anything to worry about short term as iOS device owners, if they keep this up in the long term and keep losing ground to Android, it might become a problem.

    The Verizon iPhone was the nail in Android's coffin. Not saying Android will go away completely, but I do believe iPhones will be as popular as iPods within a couple more years. How many people do you know without an iPod of some sort? (at least prior to the iPhone which has replaced the iPod for many)

    Aug 11, 10:53 AM
    Could Apple technically squeeze a Xeon proc into the MBP?

    Aug 2, 01:53 PM
    i can't wait!! and it's gonna be so hard buying a Macbook tomorrow and not being able to open it til the 7th!

    Ah, you're buying it at that tax-free thing right? This is a nice idea.

    Apr 18, 03:32 PM
    Do you honestly think that even strikes anything close to a sufficient resemblance to the iPhone UI?

    What's the difference? Number of icons?

    Mar 28, 11:33 AM
    Maybe they are going to start releasing all iOS hardware updates in September?

    It is closer to the holidays which would be good for sales of those new products, but at the same time launching 2-3 new products in one month would be a waste of the massive amounts of publicity each launch gets. (Except maybe the iPod touch which usually isn't very much)

    I don't think they will launch iPad 3 in September either just because the demand for iPad 2 will still be high, and probably elevated with the launch of iOS 5.

    Announcing iPhone 5 at WWDC when it doesn't launch until September would probably hurt iPhone 4 sales up to that point.