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  • KnightWRX
    May 6, 07:33 AM
    What I really wanted to say is that Google is going to run their datacentres on ARM

    There you go again with facts. Citation needed. I think what you want to say here is :

    "There was some speculation last year that Google might switch to ARM for their datacenters and servers after an acquisition of an ARM technology company".

    There is no way you can state what you are stating as a fact right now. ;)

    But the fact that Google bought a company developing ARM processors and also hired engineers from PA Semi that previously worked on Apple's A4 chips

    Yes, that is a fact you can state.

    means that they ARE going to produce their own ARM chips

    Not all acquisitions end up in workable projects. Google does a lot of acquisitions, some of them just end up as IP port-folio fodders, some of them get recycled into products, some of them just get abandonned. Who knows what Google is planning ?

    either for their own Android phones or more likely for their datacentres.

    How is it more likely for their datacenters, in light of Google's staff saying ARM isn't ready for the datacenter ? I'd say at this point, it's more likely for the Chrome OS based netbooks that will probably never see the light of day officially beyond the Cr48.

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  • coolcom
    Mar 30, 06:17 PM
    Actually the download is happening in the Launchpad icon this time... that's new

    I see it now- weird, thanks!

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  • dashiel
    Mar 28, 10:34 AM
    Surely this just means the iPhone released in June will simply be like the iPhone 3G to 3GS transition. Same form factor, upgraded internals, etc� Hard to imagine there won't be an iPhone with an A5 this year.

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  • thisisahughes
    Apr 7, 07:44 PM
    Money talks... :apple:


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  • ikir
    Nov 4, 03:17 AM
    Imho a stupid way to slow down your system. Enjoy your Mac without a antivirus, just be smart installing software.

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  • citizenzen
    Apr 14, 09:48 PM
    Did I suggest that? I think not.

    Well, you provided a cautionary tale in response to my suggestion.

    That's why I asked how you felt about it.

    Please note ... I asked.

    If something is making money why would you cut it?

    That's my question.

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  • Renverse
    Apr 18, 03:39 PM
    You are funny. Do you know that Samsung spends 10 times more than Apple on R&D?

    Indeed. Apple spends less on R&D than many of their competitors.

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  • toddybody
    Mar 28, 10:24 AM
    Ehh...I cant see this happening. Unless of course the iPhone 5 is what will follow an iphone 4s (with A5) that case, duh 2012 makes sense...

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  • guzhogi
    Aug 4, 01:54 PM
    without software, not much
    Duh, I mean what advantage would 64-bit processors & software over 32-bit?

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  • zivilist
    Apr 21, 05:05 PM
    Max 2 SSDs or 2 HDDs?

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  • LouieSamman
    Mar 30, 05:47 PM
    Please bring a huge UI overhaul. Lets see something new.

    New UI & Grand features is what is to be expected with this update.

    We already know that the aqua look is gone. The ios scrollbar shown on Lion is an example of the aqua leaving for good.

    I can see lots of the applications such as Safari, Contacts, Calender, mail, ect is going to get a new look.

    Very exciting to know that it's coming out this summer!

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  • snebes
    Mar 30, 05:54 PM

    At least 95% of rumors posted here and other Apple-related forums end up being wrong.

    MacRumors is keeping up with this obvious error. I doubt Lion will be ready even by the WWDC. A summer release is what I predict.

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  • ticman
    Dec 2, 09:03 AM
    Well it's 12/2 and I am anxiously awaiting an email that BLT has received their order and MY order is on its way.

    LOL don't think I can stand another delay.

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  • doctor-don
    Apr 25, 10:56 AM
    I like Steves sense of brevity.

    Perhaps if people bothered to look up some info on what they were talking about before they went off half-cocked about the latest hyped paranoia...

    News media will do practically anything to attract viewers / listeners / readers, even if the conclusions are incorrect.

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  • milani
    Mar 26, 11:37 PM
    I hope it is. I'd rather they delay and release a better version of the OS with significantly more granularity for modifications, features, and so on, than what is essentially a .1 release with a few new "features". But, as others have said, this is purely speculation. Remember the rumours that the iPad 2 was delayed? Exactly. Just **** made up to manipulate the stock price.

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  • LagunaSol
    Apr 18, 05:13 PM
    What would you and Leguna have Samsung do to the Galaxy Tab to make it less "identical"?

    Do what every other Android hardware manufacturer has done and come up with their own industrial design.

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  • ravenvii
    May 4, 05:13 PM
    OP updated with re-written rules by Don't panic (with minor modifications).

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  • iliketyla
    Mar 29, 04:09 PM
    Yeah while talking about Japan's protectionism of their agricultural production really adds to the topic of discussion... cause everyone here who clicks on this thread via the main page wants to hear about Japan's agriculture.

    Let's "evolve" the thread to encompass kamikaze pilots, kabuki theatre, zen Buddhism, sushi and whale hunting too...:rolleyes:

    Well the beauty of this is that you don't make the rules. So if a topic changes and people want to talk about, simply disregard the comments.

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  • Multimedia
    Aug 11, 11:17 PM
    I'm not interested in purchasing a laptop yet... I was waiting for merom to make its way into a MB.... but also for Leopard so I don't have to pay $100 to upgrade in 4 months.

    But, I also think the real update is with the Santa Rosa chipset... faster FSB... more ram.... 802.11N!!!!

    Thats a big update compared to this.

    I'm watching this though to see how quickly they update their models after a new product is announced, I mean its no longer like PPC days when they would be sitting waiting for the chip to arrive ... late....delayed...and generally just missing.... now they have to keep their computer up to date with the chips.

    A quicker roll-out really would ease my mind, since that hopefully shows that Santa Rosa will be equally swiftly doled out.

    HD screen
    7 hr battery for bare min. use

    Thats the sweet spot. The last two would be icing on the cake... that would be wonderfully sweet from the blu-ray...

    but hey... I think that will really show that apple is on the forefront of technology ... the EXTREME EDGE...Leopard is in 9 months not 4. And Santa Rosa is in the same 9 months. I like you would rather have Santa Rosa inside with Leopard. I may go minimum Merom MacBook Refurb meanwhile. I fugure they'll hit the SAVE page by November. I think Blu-Ray is way overrated and not likely to get inside for another year if ever.

    Aug 7, 03:13 PM
    My house is not wired for ethernet. Which means, I would have to snake a wire through 3 floors, drill holes in the ceiling, etc etc. Its sooo much easier just to have airport. I have 3meg internet service and I cannot tell a difference between wired and wifi. My wireless will hit ~10mb/s transfer if I'm moving a large file from one computer to another. Obviously, that 10mb/s is faster then my 3meg internet service. My internet service is the bottleneck, not the wireless. difference in speed.

    Second, I have BT keyboard, mouse, and phone. I use BT all the time. Sure, I can just order the option. However, that means I cant just run to my local apple store and pick up a Mac Pro. Its absolute crap that a ~$600 Macmini has these options standard, and yet Apples $4000 top of the line machine doesnt. Unacceptable.
    I couldn't agree with you more. I'm almost in the exact same situation you're in and it doesn't make sense to me either. I've always felt the pro machine should incorporate everything a consumer model carries, plus pro features.

    However, they're still pretty slick machines and I'm looking forward to getting one.

    Number 41
    Apr 26, 02:31 PM
    As much as I want to see Apple sell phones, I also like to see healthy competition to keep away anti-trust issues. Apple is for people who like quality high-end stuff and Android is for Kmart shoppers ;)

    They said the same thing about DOS/Windows back in the day. Fast-forward to the 90s, and the Mac's market share was in low single-digits and most software was Windows-only.

    Once again, Apple's stubborn insistance on not licensing out their OS will lead to the marginalization of their hardware. Once iOS hardware is marginalized, you'll see developers shift their focus away to the Android platform -- which will see better app releases and better integration between mobile and tablet OS.

    The handwriting is on the wall for Apple. They lost the desktop battle because they were too focused on short-term profit (selling the computer + software) and now they've lost the mobile battle because they were, again, too focused on short-term profit (selling the phone + the OS).

    Apr 25, 09:23 AM
    This may simply be a case of unintended consequences. Apple may have a reason for collecting approximate location data based on cell towers. That reason is not yet clear. It's also not clear whether this information is uploaded to Apple. Even if it's uploaded to Apple, that doesn't mean that Apple is tracking individuals. I can't think of a compelling reason why Apple would want to track each of their millions of customers based on very approximate location data. One unintended consequence is what we're seeing now. As usual everyone jumps to a conclusion before we have any information.

    It would be great if Apple clarifies what's going on, but that's unlikely. What's likely is that this will blow over in a week or so. What will not blow over however, is the sudden tension in many relationships now that spouses and other partners have a way to tell where their significant other has been for the past 6 months. That's the other unintended consequence of this.

    May 3, 01:36 AM
    I prefer my summer temperatures getting out of the 30's.:p

    Apr 23, 04:56 PM