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  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 26, 04:23 PM
    Oh well who cares besides shareholders? As long as we keep getting quality products with stable software we should be happy.

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  • moderately
    Apr 7, 09:51 AM
    Ehh, purposeful or not (as a sabotage)...not good news for iPad competition:( Which isnt good news for us iPad users...Apple needs constant pressure to release revolutionary products.

    I do wonder if this is true. They may need the pressure to upgrade specs but the revolutionary products seem to come because that is their passion.

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  • oldwatery
    Apr 5, 02:48 PM
    Every time something like this goes down I'm reminded of the original 1984 Apple ad campaign.
    Oh how things have changed.
    Apple is now BIG BROTHER with a vengeance.
    Bloody lame :mad:
    With all our dumb laws there really should be a law that precludes bullies like Apple from using these strong arm tactics.
    Apple really have got way too big for their boots.

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  • misterbee6
    Sep 11, 10:21 AM
    I bought the new Bob Dylan album a few days a go from the iTunes store. It comes with some bonus tracks that are videos of some older songs. I was listeningto the album yesterday, streaming the audio to the Airport Express connected to my stereo.

    After it played the last song on the album, when it got to the videos, all of a sudden itunes stopped streaming the data to my AE, and started playing thru the PB speakers. I certainly didnt expect it to do that, but it did make me wonder:

    Are we about to see a new piece of tech that will allow those videos to stream as well as the audio?

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  • daneoni
    Mar 28, 09:51 AM
    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.

    Why because it doesn't have a dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a 3D screen with 5G radio?

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  • Schizoid
    Mar 31, 06:36 AM

    At least 95% of rumors posted here and other Apple-related forums end up being wrong.

    I'd say at least 95% of rumours are correct 45% of the time.

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  • GregA
    Nov 28, 03:16 PM
    Of course this so called tablet could be several different things � a true video iPod, a supered up remote, a UMCP based micro mac. I just find it fun to speculate based on the info at hand:)
    Absolutely. :)

    That was why I asked... you were speculating on a full Mac, but in a tablet form. In contrast to a new (and cheaper) device in tablet form (which might appeal to me).

    Apple has the mind share and technology to create any new products which fit somewhere between iPods and Macs. The iTV is an excellent example. Will they release some form of Tablet? I think a MacTablet will experience similar popularity to existing tablets. As such, I think a Tablet-Pod (or iTablet or iPad or something) is more likely from Apple and opens more possibilities... I'm not confident they'll release anything SOON though :)


  • GregA
    Jul 30, 07:45 AM
    Unfortunately, I'm pulled back into thinking, "What could Apple do with phones that hasn't already been done." Small, light, photos, video, internet, music, games, personal organization? Most of this is pretty well covered with the current offerings. So what is going to be the selling point here? Is it going to be expensive or affordable? Is it going to be full-featured or bare bones?
    Very good questions.

    - Apple could release a stylish simple phone with a simple interface, and the capability of an iPod shuffle built in. There would really be nothing special about such a phone - at most they might give it 3G data connections so someone with a MacBook could use it to get on the net.

    - They could certainly be the first provider to make a phone that can ONLY be used handsfree (via the headphones).

    - They could leverage their airport base stations to release a VoIP phone that works at home, work, and wireless hotspots.

    - The obvious untapped area is integration of VoIP, 3G, & video - but all the big companies are looking at that. The other thing that most mobile companies are having trouble with is the killer app - so many phones have data connectivity, and people just don't know what to do with it. If Apple can make a compelling product there the phone companies will want to sell it.

    ps. Apple might choose to make a phone with no music capability... just to delineate the product. That gives people something to understand... and then they can release the combo products.

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  • marvel2
    Dec 6, 12:33 PM
    Wow, I'm glad I bought mine when I did. Try to find a Mac reseller store near you and not an Apple Store. I bought mine for $99, no tax in Oregon at The Portland Mac Store (

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 25, 11:18 AM
    Jobs is spinning his BS again as usual. Even when there is overwheming evidence to the contrary...he still insults the intelligence of his customers who he clearly regards as beneath him.

    Apple is:
    Image (

    LOL! Funny! Good one! :rolleyes:

    Can you share the "evidence" thats sooooo overwhelming?

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  • Unspeaked
    Aug 11, 11:28 AM
    Both the iMac and the MBP have been out longer than the Mini. The MBP has received slight CPU updates but the iMac has been out going on 8 months with no update at all.

    Well yeah, but my point was they're going to move the pro lines to the Core 2 Duos before the consumer lines, regardless of the length of release.

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  • Bonte
    Aug 7, 05:39 PM
    Are these specific Mac GPU's with Mac roms or can we finally use a selection of PC GPU's? If so then the base GPU isn't an issue, just use it for the second screen.
    what will happen if I use bootcamp and put in a PC grafic card?

    Interesting, if we get Windows to work with PC GPU cards then Apple has no other option than to support these cards also or at least try to. If these are normal PC cards then the MacPro wil be the coolest machine on earth in the hard core gaming community. :cool:

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  • bboucher790
    Apr 25, 10:29 AM
    You're tracking us wrong.

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  • McGiord
    Apr 10, 01:18 PM
    Well it is an equation as it is the same as as saying x=48/2(9+3)

    Well the OP said it is an equation. Guys you are failing the reading questions also.

    Now if we said it is like stated by dukebound85.

    What will the value of X in order to obtain 48 on the right side of the equation, please take your time and move all the numbers to the left side of the equation.

    Have fun.

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  • dgree03
    Mar 29, 09:32 AM
    From what I understand dropbox for starters...

    Dropbox sells music and movies?

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  • exscape
    Apr 25, 09:36 AM
    this is a non-story sad steve jobs has to even reply to these stupid allegations
    People claim the iPhone saves cell location data on the phone, and also saves this file during iTunes backups. This is TRUE, and can be verified by reading your OWN iPhone database, which shows where YOUR phone has been. That would be impossible if it didn't save that data.

    SOME people (not most!) also claim that the data is sent to Apple, rather than just kept on the device. THIS, however, is unproven and may well be false.

    As it stands, though, I don't see how "The info circulating around is false." is not a lie. It's very easy to verify that "the info" that this data is indeed saved is true.

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  • doodosh
    Sep 16, 04:36 PM
    Looks like Kamino (

    great. thank you

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  • mrdice87
    Sep 16, 10:47 AM

    Why is there no 12" mbp? It seems the 12" pb was a great seller...

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  • Multimedia
    Jul 22, 01:45 PM
    Perhaps if I mention my wishes in every related thread, someone at apple will take note?

    iMac Ultra: At least 2.4 Ghz Conroe, 512Mb ATI X1800, and a 23" Screen.

    Macbook: I don't want Merom in it. I don't want a faster processor in it. I want a price drop!
    Powermac G4 Cube, 450Mhz ATI Rage 128 with 16mb VRAM, 512Mb System RAM, 250GB HDD but silly computer will only recognise 128Gb of it. Merom in MacBook will not cost Apple more than Yonah and it will run cooler and faster even at the same 2GHz.

    Erasmus ,
    Do you have any idea how much slower your Cube is running because you haven't maxed out the RAM to 1.5 GB? Just by adding two 512 Sticks for only $140 will almost double your speed.

    Apr 9, 09:17 PM
    Given your argument I would have thought you'd represent "less filling". :p


    Touch�. :D

    Mar 26, 11:49 PM
    4.0 has been the only major iOS release that has contained numerous additional features with every 4.x point release (4.1 added Game Center/HDR/Ping/TV Rentals, 4.2 added AirPlay/AirPrint/iPad support, 4.3 added AirPlay for apps/Mobile Hot Spot/Photobooth for iPad, etc). Therefore, I can see it having a longer lifecycle that 2.0 and 3.0.

    Maybe we'll get 4.4 or 4.5 in June and 5.0 in September?

    Mar 26, 10:32 PM
    Releasing iPhone 5 with iOS4 would be a total fail... If this is true, iPhone 5 could possibly be launched in the fall as well.

    In my Opinion iOS5 is the most important upgrade over the hardware of the iPhone and the iPad... The software is in MUCH need for an upgrade. Nomatter how good the iPhone 5 hardware is, giving it iOS4 will make it seem outdated

    Rodimus Prime
    Apr 26, 03:20 PM
    How is that not relevant??? What is the point of showing market share then? No really, what is the point? Doesn't it factor heavily into what market a company wants to develop software for? Since the same apps run on all those Apple devices then why would you not want to include those?

    you forget a lot of apps really are designed for things that will always be with you and need data connection so the phone is more relevent. You forget that a lot of people own both iPod and an Android phone.
    I will be one of those people soon. My iPod will be reduced complete down to just a music devices. I do not use the apps much on it for killing time as I do not always have it with me but my phone I will have with it

    May 6, 01:34 AM
    I'm using an older PowerPC G4 and I'm proud of it :D

    Another thought... if this rumor is true, wouldn't this be a great time to buy stock in ARM?

    About the ARMH stock not necessarily MANY positive bullish things are already priced into the stock price. ARM is trading at a P/E Ratio of about 105 and that's AFTER a recent pullback of 10% or so. Just to put things in perspective Microsoft's P/E Ratio is about 10 Intel's is about 11 even Apple's P/E Ratio is under 17 and they have HUGE growth.

    Edit: Full Disclosure I am long ARMH, MSFT, INTC, AAPL