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Audi 3d Gauges. 3D-like gauges in the
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  • trip1ex
    Mar 29, 01:00 PM
    Not enough for my collection.

    And never felt like I had to download music at work and anywhere else.

    Maybe I'm out of touch, but ...

    I do like the idea of not having to back stuff up in case I lose it to a hard drive crash.

    5gb ain't enough to cover my collection however.

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  • Free Audi RS4 3D Studio

  • dr_lha
    Aug 11, 10:54 AM
    Could Apple technically squeeze a Xeon proc into the MBP?
    Have you seen the size of the heat sink in the Mac Pro? ;)

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  • all factory colors + audi

  • syklee26
    Sep 11, 11:14 AM
    airport extreme base station has wait time of 1-3 weeks.

    new version that streams video might be on the way.

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  • Audi A3 front driver door

  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 31, 07:00 AM
    Enjoy your brand new 129$ Mac OS X latest revision (the most advanced, the most unique, the most... bla bla bla bla...) carrying more than XXX features (aka... just making the Mac OS X experience more iOS-alike so you get used to AppStore since soon you'll have to go through this method of delivery as there won't be any other one, because Mr. Jobs wants more money...)
    Yep... I think that 129$ sounds quite ok, for nothing :D

    Though I'm not surprise... there's nothing shocking that they can implement. This "update" is aimed at training people into AppStore (aka money)... and they even charge for it :D

    The nerve of these money grabbing Apple monsters to charge for their work.

    What will they think of next, selling us computers we have to pay for?

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  • temperature gauge,Low fuel

  • applekid
    Nov 26, 01:43 PM
    Interface with iTV, AirPort Express, possibly your Macs for some limited controlling, maybe your iPod or iPod HiFi... I don't want the tablet to be a remote...

    I still want a real Tablet Mac. It probably isn't all that easy to hit the sweet spot for price and capability. You could do something stupid like a remote as I stated above, something like a PDA or something full-blown like a laptop. Frankly, I would love tablet because for college it's useful to whip out the tablet and scribble some things, and it would be nicer than a trackpad on laptop. I just wish my Palm TX and MacBook Pro would meld together... The best I could do is hook up my graphics tablet, but that's just unwieldy to carry around and I don't have the desk space in my dorm.

    Stop talking about it and just make it already!

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  • Boost gauge is on and working

  • gnasher729
    Aug 7, 04:12 PM
    I thought the Woodcrest processors were unsuited for multi-processor configurations. Anyone with more info?

    You got the exactly the wrong way round. Conroe can only be used in single chip/dual core configurations, Woodcrest allows dual chip/quad core.

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  • which the gauges wrap and

  • PatrickCocoa
    May 4, 03:01 PM
    pro: one less disc to keep track of. my family already lost my iWork disc.

    cons: what if i want to format the hard drive and restart from scratch? or even just archive and install? what if i completely replace my hard drive? what if i want to sell my mac and get a new one, would i retain the license or would the buyer get it? how would they reinstall the OS after I wipe the hard drive? how long is this going to take to download? will we be able and authorized to burn our own install DVDs from the downloaded software?

    Then don't buy from the Mac App Store.

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  • podi boost gauge

  • adbe
    Apr 5, 02:13 PM
    That's right, I'm a customer, and I'll modify my apple device how I see fit


    and that including jailbreaking

    Not really.

    enabling XCode to develop applications for my device without paying apple $99


    At the end of the day - a JB device is more useful than a locked up device.


    Audi 3d Gauges. a quot;3Dquot; digital gauge
  • a quot;3Dquot; digital gauge

  • heisetax
    Aug 2, 02:14 PM
    macbook pro? imac core duo? intel mini? macbook? :confused:

    mac pro, xserve intel, leopard previews, maybe cinema displays, maybe something like a tablet that we haven't heard about.

    no updates to imacs, macbooks, macbook pros, or minis. Those are minor speed bumps that will be done quietly over the coming weeks and months, not something to trumpet in a keynote.

    But minor speed bumps is all they have to talk about. Some say that going from shipping a 2.16m2.0,1.83 GHz to shipping just a 2.16 & 2.0 GHz models is a speed bump. How can that be a speed bump when the max speed is still 2.16 GHz.

    Other than a OS 10.5 demo I have no expectations for WWDC. I believe that Steve Jobs is too smart to bring out a new Intel PowerMac & have people see if he will promise that they will be up to the 3 GHz speed in a year. Or did he say 2 or 3 years or was that 2 or 3 processor changes before that happens.

    With Photoshop, Quark, MS Office & other Mac productive software not yet able to run natively on an Intel Mac much of the excitement for the developer & Pro user is not there.

    Apple has gone too long with waiting a year for updates that anything sooner than hat will take them awhile to do again.

    The only thing I'd like to see is an easy to shange hard drive & optical drive in the Intel MacBook Pro 15" & 17" models. My PowerBook will last a long time, so I can wait. I may have to do all of my operations with an external drive. I always changed my hard drive for a newer drive once or twice a year. Sometimes I just wanted a different set of programs. My 15" TI PowerBook was easy to open & change hard drives. The new Intel MacBook seems to have a good answer for this problem. Let's see if Apple can do this in the Intel MacBook Pro line as well.

    Bill the TaxMan

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  • Audi A3 Rearlights Lexus

  • twoodcc
    Mar 27, 12:22 PM
    all i can say is that it better be good! apple really has to play it's cards right to stay near the top with android. they have a better product really, but android is still overtaking from the sheer number of devices and carriers.

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  • Self-Adhesive 3D Twill-Weave

  • nidserz
    Apr 10, 02:57 AM
    sorry but business calculator is not a scientific one and thus not valid for this argument.

    LOL um... ok? It's a calculator...

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  • have electronic gauges,

  • vaxt
    Jul 21, 03:01 PM
    G5 PowerBooks on Tuesday!

    Audi 3d Gauges. have electronic gauges,
  • have electronic gauges,

  • the vj
    Apr 26, 03:18 PM
    Usually Apple likes to be a "more exclusive platform".

    Audi 3d Gauges. that displays 3D models of
  • that displays 3D models of

  • Setok
    Mar 28, 12:16 PM
    I don't get how people can view the iPhone design as dated (assuming externals here). I've been playing around with several Android phones lately, and they are all horrible cheap, plastic toys in comparison. I was surprised to find that even Android, the OS, is still slow, jerky and unpolished versus the good old iOS.

    The only devices that can even compete on sheer quality and solid design are the Nokia n8s and e7s. In particular the n8. Just a pity about the software there.

    By all means update the iPhone �*development is good. But I don't see any need to forcefully change the design of it. It's actually pretty damn good.

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  • you steer your Audi A1 to

  • ender land
    Apr 10, 10:29 AM
    Mathematics do have rules, and thus will almost certainly yield one answer, this only holds true if there was clear presentation of the facts stated, rather than the reader making inferences from the initial question: which in this case was poorly numbered (worded)

    The only way to get 2 as an answer is to make inferences.

    If you only use what is explicitly given in the equation it always equals 288.

    Audi 3d Gauges. redesigned gauges with 3D
  • redesigned gauges with 3D

  • jericho878
    Sep 11, 06:22 AM
    Probably nothing significant but I noticed that all but the standard configuration of the MacBook Pro now ships within 5-7 business days. Last night (Sunday), the same configuration shipped within 3-5 business days.

    Audi 3d Gauges. software for Audi which
  • software for Audi which

  • Elijahg
    Apr 23, 08:02 PM
    Again, KDE 2.0, 10 years ago. My Pentium 2 333 mhz didn't break a sweat doing SVG icons then (the Krystal SVG icon theme). ;)

    I seriously doubt this is even an issue.

    I doubt it had to process translucency or resize 50 times per second for 30+ images though :P If it were as efficient as bitmaps, it'd be used for game textures for sure... A texture would scale to any size with no pixellation at all, and the details wouldn't get blurred out when scaling down.

    But I don't understand the resistance to SVG support, which would be a decade late. Sure it's not a shortcoming, but in light of these stories, it would be a "nicer to have".

    I do agree SVG support is a good thing, just I don't see it getting used much. Even with resolution independence, standard pixel images are much easier to handle.

    Audi 3d Gauges. 3.5cm x 4.5cm 3D Special
  • 3.5cm x 4.5cm 3D Special

  • bowens
    Sep 11, 01:24 PM
    this is probably old news but meh, what the hell:

    Nobody else seems interested, so they must have already seen it, but I have not. That's pretty interesting.

    Audi 3d Gauges. but Audi designers choose
  • but Audi designers choose

  • res1233
    May 6, 03:43 AM
    Lets face it: The intel transition was NOT painful. Most PowerPC apps that still exist, will run fine on snow leopard, and by now, every app still being maintained has been recompiled for intel CPUs. That really isn't so hard to do so long as all the libraries your app needs to run supports the architecture you're trying to compile in... Just a small settings change. Assuming you don't use assembler code, but nobody with dreams of porting their app uses assembler code, so... Anywho, if apple did make this transition, it wouldn't be as painful as you people seem to think it would be. PowerPC apps run quite well via rosetta.

    May 7, 11:16 PM
    Do it! Free is good :cool:

    Apr 26, 03:58 PM
    What makes a product "Best" in its category is defined by different people differently. For some people "best" is a free phone because they can't afford anything else. Some people pour over the specs and select the "best".

    For me, "best" is the phone that operates the most intuitively to my way of thinking. I want something that I don't need to refer back to the manual to use its features. My Android Incredible came with a 8" x 11", 73 page manual that I need to use to operate the phone... that fact speaks volumes to what separates the Android from the "best."

    Oh come on. :rolleyes: If you can't figure out how to use an Android phone in less than a minute then you have some issues. It's the same friggin thing. The reason it comes with a manual is just a reference document. Apple doesn't include one because they are too cheap to put it in the package as a printout. If you want it, here it is. All 274 pages of it!


    Apr 28, 05:21 PM
    That all makes sense, but again, the plate is without vents. And even if they would go through the whole plate (which they don't), the PSU itself is still sealed, so no way to get hot air from the back of the PCIe section. If it gets any air from that section through the small holes that are in the plate that separate the sections, it gets cold air from the PCIe fan since the PSU's fan sits in front of the unit in close proximity to the PCIe fan. (wow, even I don't understand what I just wrote... :rolleyes:).

    Edit: This is a shot from my 2009 machine. As you can see, the plate doesn't have vents. This is the ODD bay but the part where the PSU sits looks the same.
    From the other image, it appeared as if the vents did go through.

    I'd expect some of the heated air from the PCIe section does make it in, but not much (i.e. up at the very front of the case, were it would mix with cool air that enters the front of the ODD bays).

    Either way, there doesn't appear to be enough heat movement from one section to another to cause any problems. ;)

    Aug 2, 11:00 AM
    Give us something real and with substance. These analysts... pfffft.

    MacRumors... you mean you haven't uncovered anything.. anything worthly of posting besides the crap that has been spewn out over the past few months?

    May 5, 06:10 AM
    The only imperial we use legally are on the roads, Miles and by motorway exits are in yards!!!

    Basically they need to switch the road system to Km's instead of stupid Miles.

    It is happening, these signs are metric rather than imperial.

    So when have the odd situation of having both metric and imperial on the motorways. For those not from the UK these are location markers ( so you can tell the emergency services your location.

    While they aren't really for general public use it does help people get used to how far a kilometer is and will ultimately add the transition.